Gaia Body Works is a local, independently owned company in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Feel The Difference

We don't replicate what's popular, cheap or easy. Instead, we focus on natural science to develop a product that's actually good for your body. All Gaia Body Works products are crafted to harness the essential mechanisms of improving and maintaining overall health. Ohh, and we are super eco-friendly. Shall we go on? check us out...

~ Zero Parabens ~ Zero Triclosan ~ Zero Phthalates ~ Zero Artificial Color ~ Zero Synthetic Fragrance ~ Zero Artificial Preservatives ~ Zero SLS or Other Synthetic Detergents ~ Zero Palm Oil ~ Zero Harsh Chemicals ~

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Our Badges of Awesomeness

Gaia Body Works is dedicated to using eco freindly packagingWe minimize our impact on the enviornment from top to bottomAll Gaia Body Works Products are handmade in colorado springs Colorado
All Gaia Body Works Producuts are based on nutriend dense organic plants. bees wax is our only animal productWe never test anything on animals

A Little About Gaia Body Works

Founded in 2014, Gaia Body Works is built on a solid foundation of natural science, health, and sustainability. We never aim to reinvent the wheel, but to perfect and simplify the way people look at health. The body doesn't need anything fancy; it just needs the right stuff to function at its highest potential. Healthy skin is supple, resilient, strong and smooth. Every element of every Gaia [Body Works] product is meticulously designed to build and maintain those healthy qualities.

Simply keeping irritating chemicals off the skin makes a huge difference in overall health. Keeping irritating chemicals off and replacing them with nutrient dense organic oils puts our company worlds ahead of the industry standard and miles ahead of our closest competition. Our focus is always crafting the best possible combination of ingredients to provide a wide range of benefits in every product. Rather than carrying a hundred products that each perform a specific task, we have roughly a dozen to provide the same spectrum of benefits.

We encourage all potential customers to read the ingredients in each Gaia Body Works product. With little regulation in the skin care industry, packaging can be very deceiving. Ingredient labels are the tell-all of a products quality and emphasis on health. We take pride in our ingredient deck above all.

Finally, building an environmentally responsible company from top to bottom is at the top of our priority list. Everything from our recycled, BPA free receipt paper to keeping palm oil completely out of our product line helps reduce our carbon foot print. We believe it's the RESPONSIBILITY of EVERY company to consider the environmental and social impact of their operation and employ significant measures to reduce their footprint, even when it means cutting into profit margins.

Cheers & Best Regards,

Jordan Park

Founder & CEO / President of R&D


A Little About the Problem

People are relatively uninformed of the rampant misplaced priorities of the skin care industry. Labels are intentionally misleading to steer consumers away from harsh chemicals that dominate ingredient decks. Information is intentionally skewed so the casual investigator will believe a company's intentions are pure. The environment is substantially effected by extremely reckless and selfish practices of large companies (the is not unique to the skin care industry). Workers are grossly under paid and money trickles out of local economies as manufacturing is outsourced to foreign facilities with weak or no labor ethics. The list goes on and on. Even when you sugar coat it, some of the industry practices will blow your mind and have you wondering why.

A Little About the Solution

There's no way we could change the industry on our own and we don't want to. As a handcrafted company, we can only fulfill a small portion of the industry demand. We want to maintain our small business mentality and standard of quality. However, we can work to unveil problems within the industry to encourage the informed consumer. We want to share the market with other honest companies that value health and a sustainable environment. Theoretically, the solution is pretty straight forward, but it involves a little effort from you, the consumer. This is the same effort that conglomerates don't want you to put forth (and their betting you won't). The more informed consumers becomes, the harder major companies will work to cover their trail. Eventually the truth will unravel and massive conglomerates will change their ways or be dismantled.

The government (rightfully so) is not protecting you and the major companies (unfortunately) do not hold your health as a priority over profits. There will always be loopholes in the law and there will always be profit jockeys exploiting them to stuff their pockets. It's the responsibility of consumers to look out for their health, the preservation of the environment and support socially responsible operations. Being informed is the only way to make a smart choice. Read labels and do a little research on companies before making purchases. Learn to dig deeper than a product's packaging and the advertisements of the companies selling them. Whether its a debit card or cash, informed purchasing is a very powerful ballot. Shop smart.